Content Management

I would describe myself as a front-end developer who has specialized in content management systems (CMS). I was using a CMS well-before I became a front-end developer.

I first starting using a CMS as a content-producer at Mannatech. In particular, when Mannatech transitioned from using a spreadsheet to using Interwoven Teamsite.

Content Management

While I have experience with many different content management systems, the bulk of that experience is in SDL Tridion.

When I was a business analyst at Children's Medical Center of Dallas, I received training for SDL Tridion 2009. My experience with Tridion there, and my knowledge of front-end development, is what got me my job at Tahzoo and my career in front-end development

SDL Tridion

  • Tridion R5
  • Tridion 2009
  • Tridion 2013
  • Web 8

SDL Products and Utilities

  • Media Manager
  • DXA

Other CMS

  • TeamSite
  • Wordpress (if you consider it a CMS)
  • Drupal