I'm Frank M. Taylor. I like the web. I like surfing for stuff on it and I also like making myspace profiles cool stuff on the web that people want to use.

If you google "Frank M Taylor" you'll see about 8 million results — but this is the only one at the top. Even though I work in web design and development, I might dabble in SEO on the side, too. I've been a lot of things for the web: content producer, designer, business analyst, UI designer, and webmaster.

But — I don't just speak web. I can speak Spanish and French, and I'm not bad with Hebrew, Chinese, and Russian… and lately I've been learning Turkish. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to click around.

Core Strengths

SDL Tridion
Front-End Development
Content Management
Responsive Design
Designing for Multiple User Experiences
Information Architecture
Business Requirements Writing