Back-end Development

I wouldn't advertise myself as a back-end developer. It's not my area of expertise. While at Tahzoo, I have written enough server-side code that I think it merits at least a mention.


I got started in back-end development in 2011 when I started work at Tahzoo. I had to know how the content management system worked and how it was supposed to render content. Most of what I learned comes from the application of these languages and technologies in the context of content management.

If you're a recruiter, please Pay attention. These are skills that I have. But these are not my core strengths. Neither you, nor I, will be happy if I interview for a position where these are core competencies.


  • Node.js
  • C#
  • Python
  • PHP

Libraries & Frameworks

  • Express.js
  • mongo.js
  • DD4T, DXA

Servers & Databases

  • Node.js
  • Apache
  • IIS
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL