SDL Content Management

I received training for SDL Tridion 2009 when I was contracted by Children's Medical Center of Dallas. I learned about the power of a good blueprint, and the flexibility that's implicit in designing good schemas

While at Tahzoo, I've worked on seven SDL Tridion 2011 implementations. I have also worked on two Tridion 2009 implementations and an R5 implementation.

All of my Tridion 2011 implementations have involved Razor Mediator for Tridion. I've found that Razor Mediator for Tridion is a superior templating language to DWT.

Tridion Implementations

SDL Tridion R5 : 1
SDL Tridion 2009 : 2
SDL Tridion 2011 : 8
SDL Tridion 2013 : 1


JSP, Java

Additional SDL Products

Content Porter
Media Manager

Types of Tridion Development

Razor Mediator 4 Tridion
2011 GUI Extensions
Media Manager Configuration
Tridion Installations